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Planters at your home or business, customized to your
preferences and seasonally planted on location!

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Our residential services allow homeowners the opportunity to have planters created and refreshed throughout the year. Our experienced team will plant seasonal flowers onsite according to your needs and vision. We can use planters you have, or help you select from our wide variety of high quality pots. We are happy to meet with you at your home to discuss placement of pots and your planting needs.  Just contact us for a complimentary consultation.

Need an herb planter to use on those fresh summer veggies? We can plant it. Need an attractive entrance for that baby shower you are hosting? Done. We arrive with a truck full of plants based on your specific requests and preferences. We take care of everything right down to sweeping up after we are done. In addition, we offer vacation watering services so that week at the shore doesn’t mean the end of your flowers back home.



For our commercial customers, we offer businesses the opportunity to provide an enticing curb appeal that draws customers to the property. Our designers work with each business to select high quality pots from our greenhouse or to custom order just the right exterior planters that will enhance each business site. Our services offer turnkey solutions that allow you to set up a scheduled planting service for each new season. Fresh pansies hail the spring while greens and beautiful designs invoke warm holiday gatherings. This automatic service takes the guess work and constant e-mails out of the equation so you can focus on what matters. Our unique designs and planters fit neatly into any business front, generate mood boosting pallets of color, and increase customer satisfaction while enhancing business image.

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