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Guaranteed Frost-Proof Pottery

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Healthy & Unique Plants

Our Greenhouse Shop

Stop by our greenhouse to shop a large variety of plants, guaranteed frost-proof pottery, gardening supplies, décor, and much more. Our classic and unique plants, offered at prices everyone can afford, help you design a garden space you will love in every season. Whether you are looking to design your seasonal container gardens, freshen up a drab garden bed, or add a pop of color to your shade garden, Perfect Pots has what you need.

This former Amish greenhouse feels rustic outside, but inside is overflowing with up to date Proven Winner™ plant selections, heirloom varieties of vegetables, no spray herbs, unique succulents, and high quality pots to give customers modern, fresh ideas they can use in any space. No wonder so many customers call our greenhouse a “hidden gem.” Our customer centered approach to designing and creating perfect container gardens starts by selecting the healthiest plants and pairing them with effective planting methods to ensure you experience a season of success.

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What We Offer

When you visit, roam the aisles to select just what you want to take home, but remember we are more than just a traditional greenhouse; we offer assistance selecting plants perfect for your garden space and with your tastes in mind. Select from a wide variety of custom planters for every budget or bring something from home and our experienced team will help plant any container for you.

Our staff also offers a wide array of workshops for adults and kids alike. Join us soon for one of our seasonal container gardening classes or contact us to book a private party with your friends!

Featured Services

Guaranteed Frost-Proof Pottery

You can feel confident enjoying your pottery outside during all four seasons. Our pottery is guaranteed frost-proof and should it crack, we’ll happily replace it.

Seasonal Planting Advice

Stop by the greenhouse for expert advice about keeping your containers looking spectacular all year long with plantings for every season. We’ll show you how to choose the best performing plants for all four seasons.

Healthy & Unique Plants

We are plant perfectionists! Seasonal annuals, native perennials, hard-to-find houseplants, succulents, and non-GMO no spray veggies and herbs are grown with love at all Perfect Pots locations.

Friendly and Passionate Staff

Our staff loves to share our container gardening expertise with you through a unique garden center experience. This Perfect Pots location has the most extensive selection of all sizes of pottery and plants.

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