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Fun with Foliage

Fun with Foliage

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Celebrate the diversity of nature as you adorn your porch, deck, or patio with a curated selection of foliage plants, carefully chosen for their captivating hues, intriguing textures, and long-lasting beauty – without blooms. Transform your outdoor sanctuary into a haven of style and serenity where every glance brings a fresh burst of inspiration.  Please select your lighting requirement (Sun, Part-Sun, Shade) and our designers will select foliage plants to thrive in those conditions.  

Design includes plants only. Soil, fertilizer, and the pot are not included.  

Please note that the theme you select for “Pots in a Box” will not look exactly like the photo displayed and will contain seasonally available plants. Each week, we receive multiple shipments of the highest quality locally grown plants. Your design will be hand selected and thoughtfully curated each time you support us.

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